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Functional Applied Kinesiology

Functional Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a technique which applies muscle strength testing to evaluate body function.Muscle testing provides a simple form of biofeedback to assess which form of therapy will be best for the patient.AK cpmbines a wide range of complementary therapies providing an integrative approach to health care.

Weaknesses are identified and evaluated with various therapeutic options to find the best technique to strengthen the body.A wide variety of therapies may be utilized including specific adjustments to joints of the spine, extremities or cranium, functional neurological reflex therapies, myofascial therapies, meridian therapies, clinical nutrition and dietary management.

AK is well suited to screening among a number of clinically reasonable options to find clues to hidden problems and to select the optimal approach to restore the body to wellness.For example, environmental and food sensitivities can be screened to find if they weaken the body and remedies can be screened to find what is most likely to be an effective intervention.

AK employs a diagnostic and therapeutic methodology which is broad in scope and is organized to teat neurological, biochemical, organ related, energetic and even some kinds of emotional issues.Genuine health is a product of the interrelated dynamics of all aspects of life.AK provides a genuine whole person approach to health and wellness.


Dr. Tom Gross has studied AK under some of the most highly regarded teachers in the world.  He has developed techniques which delve deeply into the roots of dysfunction in human metabolism, neurochemistry and neurology.  He has descovered practical ways to unravel some of the most difficult health challenges facing society today.

Please see our testimonials to get a glimpse of the depth and breadth of these robust techniques.